Special Education Advocacy

What It’s Not!

Special Education advocacy is not a legal process. No lawyers are required. Issues are worked out over a cup of coffee, or at a friendly Team meeting, or by text, email or phone calls, or a combination of all three.

Parents/Guardians do not have to understand all the regulations, mandates or rules to benefit from the support of an advocate.

It’s not we against them. It’s a collaborative process keeping in mind the best interests of the student who has Special Needs.

Why do I do it?

After 12 years as Director of Special Education for two school systems, and 15 years as a Special Education teacher, I became interested in offering my maturity and experience to a wide range of families and school systems as an advocate. I learn something every day. I meet with compassionate parents who are at their wits’ end, trying to work things out with their school system. I offer a friendly, stress-free approach to getting students the educational programs and support they need and deserve.

I know the state and federal laws governing Special Education, and the laws empower families and school systems in their search for the very best the student needs. Whether the child has a Learning Disability in reading, writing, or math, or has inconsistent attention, or is on the Autism spectrum, the laws point us in the right direction. But we do not have to hurl the laws at schools in order to come to agreements. We just need to listen as well as hear, to look as well as see. That’s what I do!

Barbara J. Rich