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  • Do you want help writing an effective IEP or 504 plan?
  • Do you not want to go to a team meeting alone?
  • Do you need support, suggestions, and assertive problem solving?
  • Do you want help writing the Transition Planning form at age 14?
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When I first met Barbara we were in an unfamiliar world of personal and educational upheaval without any idea how to navigate the waters.  Barbara was very patient and gentle with our daughter when first they met to try to figure out where we were and where we needed to go from there.  Oftentimes, I felt at a disadvantage when dealing with the school system because I didn’t know what I was doing and what I could ask or should ask them to do.  Barbara was a steady influence in meetings with my child, myself, and the school.  I would not have been able to navigate it as successfully as we have without her guidance and her ability to listen not just to what we said but how we were feeling about our situation.  It really helps to have someone with you when meeting with the school staff that can ask questions that perhaps you either don’t feel like you can ask or don’t know to ask.  Thank you Barbara for all your help in getting our child through high school.

Diane L.Chelmsford, MA